Young Engineers Design Water Filter

Having studied the states of matter, our grade 2 students explored the concept of clean water (along with another 5 United Nations’ sustainable goals) and were prompted to design and test their own water filter system using only 4 materials. 

Students learned about water quality versus quantity and were able to hear and ask questions about these issues through a video call with Dr. Hector Garcia from the IHE Delft Institute for Water Education. He shared about a project that transforms human waste into clean water and energy, to provide sanitation and clean water in various countries of the world. Our young explorers observed and analyzed canal waters in Wassenaar and compared the water quality problems across countries. They also kept a tally of their water consumption and realized their impact on the immediate environment.

“We learned about drinkable water, there is a chance you can get sick if the water is not clean. In places like Africa, there is water but not much and the quality is not good. I know now that water can actually be cleaned underground.” - Aron, student

“We learned about water in the Netherlands, and how, for example, there can be problems with floods. Water matters because there are tons of people who need it to survive. We did a project where we had to make clean water using materials from the lab. You can make cleaner water by creating things that clean it really good.” - Collin, student

“At the ECC, one canal seems dirtier, maybe because it is under a bridge we use and things fall off into the water. You need to make sure to kill bacteria so that you don't get sickness germs from the water.” - Lucas, student