words of appreciation for our teachers
The Parent Teacher Organization came together to show our teachers and staff appreciation for their dedication and effort in our students’ education and personal development. Besides organizing a burrito truck for a delicious surprise, some parents and students voiced their thoughts of gratitude and admiration to their teachers. Teachers are invaluable to our school and to the world!
Here are some accounts and experiences shared by our parents and students:
“Ms Rhodes - A few weeks back, Ms Rhodes had had a conversation with my child about how she had noticed that my child had been putting in effort and that meant a lot to her. It meant a lot to her that her effort was noticed. That really encouraged her to keep trying. Thank you for that. Thank you for encouraging her, and speaking her love language - words of affirmation. Your every email has brought a smile on her face and encouraged her. And at any time, this is a beautiful blessing to have but specially in a year that has been all kinds of rough, this has meant so so much, Ms Rhodes. And as a mother, I cannot tell you enough how much I appreciate this. Thank you.”
"Dr. Nicholas & Mr. Tomasini - In choir class we always get to play really fun warm up games and the teachers are really funny. I appreciate that they always make you feel welcome when you enter the choir classroom and make you feel happy. I would like to thank them for giving a smile on my face and making me happy in class. I would also like to thank them for everything I learn and get to do in class :) I am very thankful for all of my teachers and I think we have great teachers at ASH” ASH Student (Grade 6)
“Ms Alejandra - During some really difficult moments, when I came to you for a chat for help with my daughter, and I was surprised that you already knew most of the things I wanted to share with you because my daughter had already shared them with you. Thank you for making a safe and comfortable place for her to talk things out with you. It feels good to know she has a listening ear in you.”
“I appreciate that Mrs. Whelan is a fun and energetic teacher who inspires the kids to learn about the world and its people and history.”
“Mrs. Whelan made Social Studies interesting for Caroline. I appreciate that she puts so much effort into her classes. I want to thank her for making my child have new interests”
“Ms Garza - Thank you for standing by my child and supporting her and helping her. She was struggling a lot and I can see that as a result of your help, she has become a lot more confident, and it is a lot calmer for her now. Thank you for advocating for her (sometimes even to me :) ). It means a lot to me that she has you in her corner.”
“Mrs Tamara has had a wonderful, positive impact on our daughter. We are huge fans of her and commend her on being inspirational, caring and patient as well as a valuable counsel to students and parents alike. Your ability to listen and how you really understand your students and how to help them grow in their own personal development.”
“Thank you Mr John for your ability to relate to the kids and families, your patience and warm heartedness in teaching.”

" I appreciate the the welcoming smile and presence Mr John had on the first day of school (and all year long.) A favorite moment was when my teacher, Mr. John decided to add a pet fish to the 3A class." ASH student (Grade 9)

“Ms Coyle exemplifies the dedication and passion that grade 7 teachers have shown our children throughout this year. Just want to say thank you as it does take a village and a big part of my child’s development is thanks to his teachers.”
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