Using Imagination to Build a Whimsical Fairy Land

The goal: to turn a well from the original "old barn" portion of the ECC into a magical garden. With the help of some first grade students, soil was added into the water well. After this, the preschool students took some time to add whimsical mushrooms, a house, a fallen branch, plants, and some rocks into the space. The upper grades added their very own creations of fairies, homes, magic, and garden ideas from recycled and natural materials. Pinecones transformed into hotels, wood created stairs/bridges, and even helicopters and airplanes. We have taken great care to allow this place to be interactive for all kids in the building. This special Fairy Garden has a piece of every student at the ECC.

“Fairy Gardens are an opportunity to encourage children’s imaginations as they create, explore, and talk. This affects students' ability to think creatively in natural materials, interact with the soil and dirt, and produce a playful land. From math and cognitive skills to language development and social-emotional exchanges - the impact that Fairy Gardens have on student learning are immeasurable.” - Ms. Lauren, Counselor

“As our little ones are crafting this mini-realm of plants, pathways, and shelters, they’re garnering perspective as well; children begin to consider what is needed to live and thrive, and they work to collect and even invent solutions to problems they consider.” - Ms. Lauren, Counselor

“This is a hands-on activity -- children feel a connection to Earth as we play in the dirt and imagine what fairies need and how they might live comfortably. It sparks wonder in children and offers many learning opportunities. Plus, it's fun!” - Mr. John, Teacher Assistant



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