What's Next in Life After ASH?
After the CareerQuest kick-off on February 1, our Grade 11 students have been busy contemplating their academic pathways for their final year at ASH and pondering the question: “What do I want to do after graduation?” At ASH, we are lucky to have a wide network of experienced alumni and parents who were willing to share their insights to all of the possibilities of life after ASH. Last week, we welcomed 11 alumni and parents who spoke to our students about their own academic, professional and life journeys in hopes of helping answer this essential question.
The speaker sessions are designed to encourage conversation and questions from the students. Over the course of three weeks, 23 alumni and parents will come to campus to share their stories and help our students hear some of the opportunities available following graduation. From actors and entrepreneurs to space engineers and CEOs, their stories inspire our students to dream bigger, and design their pathways to achieve those dreams. As Davy King ’05 said, “Even if just one student walks away with information that helps them out, then the effort has been worthwhile.”
With these meetings and opportunities, we hope to equip our students with a broad picture of the professional possibilities that exist beyond the classroom. Perhaps they can picture themselves in the shoes of their parents or alumni over the next few years and visualize how their pathway matches where they see themselves as young adults in the world. All of this information helps our students make better choices for themselves, as our High Schoolers navigate Grade 11 and 12 and begin thinking about life after ASH.