Welcoming the new school year
Greeted with sunshine, smiles and blue skies, students, staff and parents at American School of The Hague began the start of the 2023-2024 school year. This year also marks the 70th anniversary of American School of The Hague, an occasion that will be celebrated throughout the year. Nearly 200 new students from all over the world and 72 different nationalities have now become part of the school community.
At the beginning of the week, new students were welcomed by student ambassadors as part of the orientation process. Student ambassadors help new students find their way, and make the transition into new systems and spaces much smoother. Some students were more nervous than others: “I’ve moved countries 6 times, but I still get the jitters each time” - ASH student, Grade 9. Others simply wanted to get started right away: “I’m very excited. I want it to be Wednesday already”.
The students aren’t the only ones feeling refreshed after a well-deserved break. The building has gone through several improvements over the summer, like a brand-new mezzanine that was built as an extension of the cafeteria.
As High School principal Mr. Munro and Director Dr. Courtney Lowe shared at the opening assembly, international schools are great places to learn about others and provide many opportunities to exercise compassion, inclusion and respect. Consistent with the ASH mission, the new academic year was welcomed with an invitation to students to make the world a better place with either small or big actions every day.
Here’s to a great start to the school year!