We can all be a Fraction of Climate Action: Grade 5 Sustainability Summit
“I’m speaking for the Earth for which we live on. I am sad about this Earth and where it’s going. I am mad about the way we treat this planet who gives us life to breathe and love. I can’t, and won’t stand by and watch this world die.” - ASH Student
Last week, the students from Grade 5 participated in a Sustainability Summit, where they shared different sustainability models, and demonstrated climate activism with a full day of activities.
In groups, they presented the domino effect model to parents, fellow students and teachers; showing how one decision in one area can have a positive effect in another, and in another and in another…ultimately helping reach an overarching objective. With working towards a better, greener and fairer world, the domino effect model emphasizes the importance of working together, and maintaining momentum of positive efforts and change.
At the Sustainability Summit, students embodied the voices and stories from people all over the world. They shared their different perspectives and experiences of climate change, caused by all kinds of factors; consumerism, pollution from the overconsumption and dependence on the meat industry, the travel and transportations industry, and much more. The students were encouraged to listen for people who actually encounter benefits from climate change, affected similarly by climate change in the same way their embodied people are, who are connected to water and climate change, and making changes in their lifestyles due to climate change. Among many, some examples of people whose stories were heard was Moi Enomenga (Huaorani leader Eastern Ecuador), Enele Sopoaga (Prime Minister, Tuvalu), Trisha Kehaulani Watson (Environmental Lawyer, Hawaii), Wangari Maathai (Green Belt Movement, Kenya).
The Sustainability Summit ended with a silent protest for the planet and the environment. The students created signs with strong messages advocating for creating change in our behaviors, habits and perspectives for the health of our planet, and everyone who we share it with. At the end of the protest outside of the building, some students made inspiring speeches asking everyone - from individuals to governments, to industries - to come together and act now. As one speaker rightly said: “We can all be a fraction of climate action”.
The Summit partnered with The Center for Africa Justice and Human Rights to raise funds and awareness for the Matinza Primary School Water in Uganda as they develop improved sustainable sanitation, clean water and hygiene. If you would like to contribute with a donation, visit the link here to donate to the "Walk for Water" project.
“Maybe you could try spending money on causes that can help the world instead of buying that new phone or shoes that everyone else has. We don’t need that. What we need is a better world.” - ASH Student.