Wanted! 10 Years Later

Our HS Theater students take to the stage this Friday for a throwback performance of Wanted!, an original ASH play written 10 years ago about clowns hiding around the school. Check out instagram.com/ashperformingarts to see more!

“When considering what we should do for the high school play, I remembered our clowns from ten years ago and the joy that they brought us. So as a cast we improvised, we answered questions, we wrote, we experimented, we debated and we created an original show. Why are the clowns back? What is the message now? What do clowns symbolize or say about us? … This amazing group has overcome so many hurdles to be able to create and share this show that we intended for all ages” - Anthony, teacher and play director

“Everyone involved in the show has truly given their all… we hope people come away from this show with a good feeling of positivity that they can share and spread throughout their friends and families, as the goal with this show is to spread happiness and joy.” - Joshua, student and actor

“This is the first time I’ve ever stage managed and the experience has been amazing. The energy and community we have created in this cast is truly spectacular and I think it really comes across in the show. “ - Reilly, student and stage manager