Alumni Autumn Visits
Over the last few months, we were able to welcome back alumni for tours around campus, to reunite with former teachers and recall all of those special moments from their time at ASH.
"My standout times at ASH were virtually anytime I stepped onto a sports field with my teammates or onto a stage with my band mates. My most cherished memory is performing with our High School Jazz Band at the Armory in Washington D.C. at one of the inaugural balls organized around Bill Clinton's second term. The trip wouldn't have been possible without the fundraising by Roberta Enschede and the leadership of Jim Yarnell - the latter being one of the most influential teachers I ever had.” - David Dansey, Class of 2000
Winston Kortenhorst, Class of 2013, who enjoyed his first walk around ASH since he graduated 10 years ago. Many of his former teachers were around to say hi, such as Pete Loy, current HS counselor. They really enjoyed catching up!


It was great to see Andrew Enschede, Class of 1986, as he stopped by ASH to catch up with Allison and Myriam, both Class of 1986, who are also current ASH teachers. It was the best kind of surprise, a surprise visit from a lovely alum.