Uniquely ASH - Class of 2020 Graduation

Last Saturday, our ASH Class of 2020 graduated in a ceremony like no other the school has seen before. With groups of students in different locations around campus; Dr. Lowe commuting via bike to each room to present each graduate; virtual performances from our high school band; a staff tribute to the graduates; and family and friends around the world tuning in to watch virtually via livestream, this certainly was an ASH graduation for the history books.

In his opening address, ASH Director Dr. Lowe spoke of this period of time, it’s impact and what these graduating seniors can take from it: “...perhaps it has shown us that the way we have “always done things” is not necessarily the same as 'the best way' to have done things. What will we learn from having more time, and how can we use it most effectively and creatively? If we use it only to get a few more hours of the things that bring us pleasure or health, like sleep or exercise, there is sense in that; however, if we use some of that time to dream up new ways to increase the livelihood and good for everyone, not just ourselves, but people of all nations, all colors, all religions, all genders, all levels of access to opportunities and connectivity, then that's even better. For all of these are urgent issues needing to be resolved. And they can all be solved in the new normal you will create.”

Three students from this year’s graduating class also addressed their peers at the ceremony. Find below a sample of how our graduating seniors are wise beyond their years.

“It would be wrong of me not to in some way acknowledge the elephant in the room, the reason no senior will have a “normal graduation” this year. We’re experiencing more than the unexpected, but the unimaginable. In the least cheesy way possible, the phrase “the show must go on” somehow holds true every time we are hit with hardship. Especially now, we must allow for the existing excitements in our futures to become the reason we keep moving forward. Trust me, we will definitely remember this graduation.” - Bailey Wilson

“Today is the day that all those count-down apps on our phones have been telling us is coming, even though we never truly believed it. It simply seemed too good to be true… Now all of a sudden, here we are, ready to embark on the future which, until this moment, we have only been able to fantasize about. I know we are all nervous, excited and possibly even a little scared to see what this next chapter holds for us, however, before we send our caps into the air once and for all, and start to slowly forget about our high school selves, let us take a moment to stand still, and simply appreciate all that has been and all that is to come.” - Sara Karlsson

“It almost feels as if these past few years, we have been sitting together at a communal breakfast table. We are all eating at an international buffet. Well, after breakfast, we will all go our own ways. Some of us believe that our day is predetermined; others believe that we ourselves can choose what we do, who we see, and where we go, but without a balanced breakfast, we will never make the most of our day. Similarly, our time at school prepares us for the rest of our lives. Now that's some food for thought, am I right?” - Daan Warndorff

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