The Year That Was… Launching Our New ASH Mission and Vision

The future-thinking mindset for ASH began nearly one year ago, with the goal to create and define a new mission and vision to lead the school into the years to come. The intense planning, idea generation and concept development within the entire ASH community started at the end of the 2018-2019 school year, with the 2019-2020 school year focused on community engagement, mission and vision formulation, refinement and reveal. In January 2020, the school was enthusiastic to unveil our new guiding statements to the ASH community:

In developing the new mission and vision statements it was incredibly important to make sure our entire community was part of the thinking and conversation: Students, staff, parents and wider community members were all engaged in this collaborative strategic design process. Collecting data and feedback in our Project Nest, individual and group interviews, community debate and class contributions, every  activity formed a critical building block towards  the overwhelmingly positive and valuable end result = our new mission and vision! For more on how we collectively achieved this, please read more here.

The ASH community, well and truly embraced these new statements when they were unveiled and there was a great deal of feedback on how tangible this mission and vision was for everyone to live out and to use as a motivating force for the future. We especially loved seeing how our students took these new statements on board and how they made sense of these within their own journeys and #ASHexperiences. Some examples of this can be found here in our story covering how our EAL student responded to our new mission and vision.

Our director Dr. Lowe also examined this new mission and vision in a blog post, where he further delved into how all of us in the ASH community can live out these statements in our day to day activities. Visit Dr. Lowe’s Corner here, for more on this.

But perhaps the biggest test of our new guiding statements for the future of ASH came in the very real challenge of the COVID-19 pandemic. With the rapid switch to the virtual learning environment and social distancing, all of us here at ASH had to look at how we could take our new mission and vision and apply it to a situation none of us in the community would have ever predicted. We faced unknown challenges and uncertainties, but as a school we are so proud of being able to truly harness our new mission and vision and to have placed it at the core of everything that was done during the time of VLE and blended learning. It was so important, at this time more than ever, to hear and value every voice, to keep every promise and especially as we were apart - to keep celebrating every achievement.

This time of VLE has taught all of us in the ASH community so many important lessons and we have all conquered many challenges. This is in no small part to the mission and vision anchoring every decision that we made and helping us all to keep moving forward and thinking to the future.

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