The Student Voice Model is an opportunity for students to make their voices heard and advance an initiative across the school. Through monthly meetings called ‘Town Hall Meetings’ coordinated by Mr. Davidson and Ms. Rhodes, the Student Voice Model welcomes Middle School students who would like to participate in developing ideas that strengthen the community.
In a Town Hall Meeting on August 25th, the students discussed different perspectives on the Student Voice Model, shared ideas on how to improve assemblies to make them more engaging, and ways to strengthen the Middle School community. These thoughts are now living on a board in front of the Middle School office for all passerbyers to see. When asked what they liked about the Student Voice Model and what they would like to contribute, students shared:
“I like the inclusion part. I think that’s important for agency”
“I would like to make a mental health awareness day. I would also like to organize bake sales and donate the money for animal shelters or cancer research”
“Let’s make sure to emphasize inclusion, not just representation. Anyone can start any initiative.”
“I like how student wellbeing is included in the model. It’s really important for me”
At the end of the session, Grade 8 students Samantha and Lina presented an initiative on promoting actions and efforts to improve sustainability at ASH. With the long-term goal of turning sustainability into an elective class for Middle School, Samantha and Lina have the ambition to start a Sustainability Club, where students can get together and brainstorm ideas to make ASH greener and future-proof. At the end of their presentation, hands started rising with questions for Samantha and Lina – when can I give you my email? I’d like to stay updated about this, when do we meet?, and can I join?
This is an example of progress at ASH. As Mr. Davidson shared, “This is what we want. At ASH, we want people who feel like they care about school and are willing to take action to make that change; whatever it is. Whether it’s about inclusivity, discrimination, looking after our planet, maybe about the playground rules not being fair, or people not treated equally…”
With more Town Hall Meetings to come in the future, we can’t wait to see how our students use their voices to make a change.