Middle School Geo Bee Reimagined

We only have one week left of the 2020-21 school year and what a year it has been! Throughout this past year, our ASH community has had to adapt to different learning situations, on-campus, virtual and hybrid, alongside the ongoing uncertainty facing us as a world right now. One of the hardest things for us as a community has been the inability to welcome our parents on campus for over a year now, since the start of the pandemic. In light of this, it has been extra important to share moments of great learning and ingenuity that are happening in the classrooms, in the hybrid formats that both students and teachers have adapted to remarkably.

One such example of this was last month’s middle school ‘Geo Bee’, a traditionally face to face event that tests and challenges our learners’ geographical knowledge from their social studies lessons. Unfortunately it was one of the events that had to be canceled last year due to the pandemic. This year, thanks to the determination of our middle school teachers, this event went ahead with a mixture of in person and virtual elements to suit the hybrid learning environment these students were in at the time. What began as a group wide kahoot earlier this year, culminated in a jeopardy style hybrid finale event that was live streamed to middle school advisory classes. Adapting this event demonstrated a lot of creativity and by reinventing the format it allowed students to participate no matter the fact that they were operating in the hybrid learning environment.

Mr. Mattson, one of our middle school social studies teachers, was instrumental in the running of this event and so we wanted to hear his perspective on how this virtual event went. “It was exciting that the Geo Bee was able to continue this year after last year’s cancellation. Despite the challenge of not being able to hold the event in front of a live audience, it was a resounding success. Mr. Gordon helped with all things IT to ensure that we could broadcast the event live to all middle school advisories as well as the half of the student body that was learning from home that day. Thank you to all staff and students who helped to make this event possible.”

And a big congratulations to all the students who participated and who made it to the final! This was a great celebration of your geographical learning and knowledge. Here’s hoping a return to an in person event is in our near futures!



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