The ASH Community's Response to the ASH Mission & Vision

At the end of January, ASH announced our new mission and vision. We love seeing and hearing about how different members of our community are responding to these future-forward statements and how they are going about making meaning of these in their own lives here at school. 

One such example of this is how our middle school EAL learners are using the new mission and vision statements in their lessons. We spoke with Ms. Munneke, one of our EAL teachers, about how they are doing this:

“We were excited to hear about our new mission and vision at ASH.  In EAL we wanted to go deeper by making connections to our home languages. We know that all of our academic language(s) are strengthened when we do this and it helps us become balanced bilinguals.

We looked at the mission and vision in English. We used visuals to help us translate keywords into our own language(s). Then we tried to imagine what ASH, our community and our world would look like through the lens of our new mission and vision. We know that our understanding of our mission and vision will change as we learn more about it and we are excited to be a part of the journey.”

Our middle schoolers are also using the new mission and vision in their Valentine’s Day grams, which are used to show their fellow classmates, teachers and staff how much they are valued. Messages like ‘keep every promise’ and ‘celebrate every achievement’ from our new mission and vision statements have been chosen to feature on these grams. The purchasing of these grams also speaks to who we want to be as a community as they are raising money to support basic living for those in need. It really does epitomize the line in our mission; “we build a better world as we become better human beings”.

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