Sumo Robots Duel for Grand Prize

Our HS robotics students received the task to design sumo robots that would literally battle for a grand prize. Students used a programming flowchart to base their designs off and kept an engineering journal to report their attempts and progress. 
"We focused on making a very robust and well-programmed robot, and in that we succeeded. This meant that in battle, it would be very reliable, but would also be much smarter than other robots, as it is able to switch between more than the two required states." - Eskil, student
"I think our sturdy design and 3:1 gear ratio made us successful against the other robots. We focused heavily on our design, constantly making improvements and remaining with a very short but efficient and functioning code." - Aleks, student
"Its very powerful gear ratio made the robot very strong in head to head battles. It also didn’t have any over-complicated gadgets or code that could potentially fail." - Todd, student