Sound Designers Visit the Royal Conservatory

After collaborating on a robotic zoo with the robotics students, our middle school band visited the Royal Conservatory of The Hague to meet with sound design professionals, learn about newly designed instruments, and receive feedback on their own musical creations.
“We saw different rooms and got to speak with sound design professionals and they showed us some cool instruments they invented and then we also played our sounds and they gave us some feedback, so that was really fun. It was really cool to see exactly what sound design is. I had a decent idea but not fully of what they actually did, what technology they used.” - Nora, student

“Basically, we first learned about sound design in general, how to edit, and all the different processes. Then, we collaborated on a robotics project. We interviewed them, learned about their robot and got to work on it for a few weeks, designing the start-up sound and main sound. I didn't expect an instrumental class to include sound design and even robotics! It was a good combo.” - Esme, student

“We looked at different soundboards and new instruments the professionals made in the conservatory. It was really fun. I didn’t know much about sound design, it is not something I thought was such a big thing, especially in movies and TV shows.” - So, student