Sharing Meaningful ASH Memories
It was another week filled with meaningful moments, as visiting alumni walked down the ASH hallways to recall their ASH experiences. Thanks to all of these alumni for taking the time to come by and share their story with us! #ASHexperience.
Yaara, Class of 1999, visited ASH with her children and husband. She was overjoyed to see teachers from her time at ASH, and stand on the theater stage again!
“I attended ASH for two years and graduated in 1999. They were honestly the best years of my schooling experience. My most fond memories were in theater and the concerts at Euro Disney. The teachers and staff really made an impression on me as I studied to become a teacher. Although my career path took me into pharmaceutical marketing, I will never forget the leadership I learned from Mr. Loy and Ms. Lester.
And Extravanganza! What amazing memories of music and production that we had with Mr. Loy and all the other teachers 25 years ago! We would love to move back here and have our 3 children now attend ASH. The superior education and fun theater and music department makes such a unique school experience.” - Yaara
Emanuele (aka “Ema)”, Class of 2021, surprised us with a visit this week greeting his teachers with a big smile and many proud achievements.
“I graduated from ASH in 2021. The last two years at ASH there were many challenges with covid but my teachers and the school really helped me through it. We were thankful to have had a graduation even though our parents had to attend virtually.
I attended High School Special Ed and also classes such as Art and Spanish. I am now studying Art in Rome and living independently. I am very thankful ASH gave me the tools and learning experience to be where I am today.”
We welcomed back an Alumni family to recollect their fond memories of ASH. Itay Class of 2022 was at ASH during his elementary school years and was thrilled to find where he signed his name on the leaver board when he left in grade 2. Brother Saar, Class of 2009 and sister Zapir, Class of 2012, couldn't make the visit but mom and dad recalled the memories of middle and high school with happiness.
“Everything still looks the same, but of course now, it's not as big as it was back then! I remember spending lots of time in the ES library with all the different after school clubs and activities - like making paper airplanes. It was so nice to see some of my old teachers again, and remember my classrooms.” - Itay, Class of 2022
“We loved international day, and were always so proud to help with the Israeli room in the elementary school. I remember one year we made a “western wall”, where everyone could put their wishes on. At the end of international day, one of the Israeli parents brought the wall we made at ASH and all of the ASH community wishes, and put it in the real Western Wall. It was so special to be a part of the ASH community, we have so many great memories.” - Mom Yael
We love it when our alumni come back to visit and reflect on their own ASH experiences! If you would like to visit ASH, please fill out our form to schedule your visit. #ASHexperience