Sharing Growth, Learning and Interests in Middle School
During the Middle School Learning Tours, the classrooms opened fully. Students and parents wandered the hallways and were welcomed by teachers to go in and out of their classes to discover what the students had been up to so far in the year.
The Learning Tours are an opportunity for parents to get a closer look at students’ development in each of their classes, and understand how they’ve been growing as learners. It’s also a great moment for students to immerse their parents in the subjects they are most interested in. They displayed their art works, showed them science experiments, played games based on developing math skills, talked them through ancient times with material from their history class, and dove into other worlds with the stories from books they’ve read in language classes.
The Middle School teachers were there to answer further questions, and deepen the conversations between students and parents. They also shared insights about students’ learning, highlights, and memorable stories that happened in the classroom. “
"It was really good, it was really nice to see all of her accomplishments throughout the year and her growth across classes. It was really nicely done. We’ve gotten bits and pieces of her projects at home throughout the school year so it was nice to see the final product in the portfolio" - ASH Parent
“We’re visiting Grade 7. We went through every class to see their portfolios and see a lot of things they’d been working on since the beginning of the year. We had a sheet with questions we could ask to understand more of what they were proud of and what they can do better this time.” - ASH Parent
“It’s very difficult to get them to talk at home about their day…the general answer is always “it was good!” So coming today and having them present their portfolios was a great way to get them talking in a structured way, so that was pleasantly surprising. I could also ask meaningful questions while we were here. And it’s nice to see their work here” - ASH Parent
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