Sharing a Message Through Art

Our student-artists compiled their best work to be displayed at the IB Art exhibition. Their collections showcase the research and time the students have devoted to their art making. Art has been created with the purpose of sharing a message.

“I think this exhibition is special because it highlights the talent and experience each artist has brought to their work. I encourage students to make art that is personal, and has relevance to where they are at this time in their life. In IB Art, the expectation is for students to show they can take what they learn from others and create unique and original works of art. The final exhibition is a display of personal growth and I am proud of each and every one of them! ” - Ms. Jennifer, teacher
“My exhibition follows the concept of color as a means of expression. The selection of artworks comments upon memory, the impacts of society, self-growth, and what nature offers us, all through the common thread of color” - Martina, Student