Seniors kick off their last year at ASH
Our Seniors have kicked off their last year at ASH with some fun and unforgettable experiences. At their first “Senior Treat” the seniors received custom buttons with the class logo and a tasty snack. The annual pancake breakfast was a great way to curb appetites and start the day off on a high note, before heading off to the grade 12 Field Day at the Valkenburgse meer. Our staff and senior parents have worked hard to create a year filled with social, academic and well being activities for our seniors, to make their last year at ASH one they will always remember.
" For me it feels good to be a senior. I like the freedom you get in general from picking classes to having free blocks. I feel the freedom I have helps me focus on the subjects I really am passionate about and will help me with my future the most."
- Artur, Class of 2023
"Grade 12 Field Day was a great success due to the positive attitudes and optimism of the class of 2023. During the rafting and kayaking, everyone had a great time. Even during the less engaging land based activities, the students found ways to create strong bonds and have a lot of laughs."
- Laura, HS teacher and 12th grade level coordinator
"As someone who has been an advisor to the class of 2023 since they entered high school, I feel as if I have gone through the high school experience with this wonderful group of students who are now seniors. This year's field day began with a wonderful pancake breakfast, hosted by senior parents and Eurest, which helped set the tone of community building that continued throughout the day, and hopefully throughout the rest of this senior year. This class has energy, camaraderie, and are destined for success in so many ways. It is a joy and an honor to witness their journey. "
- Peter, HS counselor
"I feel excited and happy to be able to participate and organize in person events with and for our senior class of 2023. I feel optimistic that they will enjoy and remember these events long after their senior year is over."
- Nancy, Senior Parent Committee