Santa Claus’ Robotic Helpers

What would you do if Santa Claus was too tired to deliver this year’s presents? Our HS Robotics students were challenged to save Christmas and design, program and build robots that can help Santa deliver the presents to children. The robots incorporated distance sensors to find the landing object (the homes) and deliver a spherical protection device (the presents).

“The cool thing about building robots is that it teaches children the Design Cycle (based on the Stanford Model of Design Thinking). It allows students to come up with theories of what might work, test their models, assess the progress, adjust, retest it, and it goes on until they solve the problem. This project teaches students not only interactive design but also divergent thinking, in a fun atmosphere.” - Mr. Brogan, teacher

“It’s really fun. It’s good to have a class where you can have a creative outlet but also work on Physics and stuff. You can see the concept behind [it] but it is hands-on. I want to go into Engineering, so it’s super relevant.” - Beatrice

“My favourite part was to program the robot, because I like programming. But I also think it is very cool to see the different parts of the process connect with concepts we previously learned in other classes. For example, in Physics, where we saw friction. It’s like real world problems and things you can fix.” - Josephine



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