Rest and Relaxation Tips During This Time of Virtual Learning

The world finds itself in an unprecedented situation and in this digital age it can be easy to find yourself reading a lot of information about coronavirus and settling into a negative headspace. For all of us in the ASH community, this is something we want to try and help alleviate, by providing a corner of the internet that inspires ideas of rest and relaxation for the whole family. 

It has never been a better time to discover the ASH digital library

We are incredibly lucky here at ASH to have our four divisional libraries on campus and even more lucky, that in this time of virtual learning and being at home, so many of these on campus books are available online at the ASH digital library. This is a great opportunity for your children (or you as a parent) to discover a new book or revisit an old favorite, and truly embrace some reading relaxation time.

Visit world-renowned museums, cultural sites and outdoor attractions 

Now this might sound crazy given the current situation in the world, but did you know that many famous museums and popular cultural sites have virtual tours and experiences you can enjoy digitally. From our very own Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, to the Guggenheim in New York, to the Louvre in Paris, to the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, there are a number of amazing online exhibits and virtual museum tours available here. Or if you want a virtual experience of the great outdoors, why not travel to the Great Wall of China from the comfort of your living room or really discover an out-of-Earth experience with an expedition to Mars. Just because we are all currently practising safe social distancing measures, doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy these incredible institutions, historical artefacts and delve into other worlds.

Embrace your inner artist and creativity

We understand during this period of virtual learning our ASH students will be spending more time on their screens than usual. So we wanted to give some suggestions that embrace their inner artist and involve creating (although some screen time may still be involved to instruct activities!). Why not get the whole family involved in an art project with the Art for Kids Hub channel on YouTube. You can all learn how to draw like Dr. Seuss, begin an Easter arts project or try out some origami, there’s so many creative videos just waiting to be discovered! 

Extending your entertainment repertoire beyond Netflix

Now don’t get us wrong, Netflix and the many video on demand platforms out there, are all certainly coming in very handy at the moment. But we also have some other online entertainment options for the entire family. Podcasts have been increasing in popularity over the last few years and we found a great series we think our ASH community will enjoy - the British Museum podcast. With a number of episodes in the series, learn about the different exhibitions and go behind the scenes of one of the world’s most renowned museums. Have you always fancied a family night at the opera - now is a great opportunity to introduce your kids to some of the greatest productions from the Metropolitan Opera, as they are streaming a different performance each night via their website. Or what about watching a TED Talk with your children? Their website has a dedicated section on family friendly talks and it’s a chance to learn something new together or hear a different perspective on things. 

Keeping active and producing those endorphins!

It’s so important for all of us to keep moving during this time of virtual learning, both making sure to take breaks from our screens and also to create routine and some normalcy during uncertain times. We love this article from Fatherly that gives creative ideas for indoor games to keep kids active and moving, best of all most of the equipment is probably things you have around the house. For a daily virtual P.E. lesson the whole family can join in on, check out P.E. with Joe on YouTube, where each day fitness coach Joe Wicks will be going live at 10am (9am UK time). Or if you want to introduce some zen into this household, why not try the Cosmic Kids Yoga channel on YouTube, it’s a creative way to get the kids trying yoga and hopefully encourage a peaceful state in the house - even if just for a moment or two! 

We have many more suggestions and resources for you, our community, on our website so please click here for more ideas, we’re adding to this list on a daily basis so be sure to bookmark the page and revisit when you need some inspiration.