Recent Alumni Visits to ASH
“It is so surreal walking through the school that looks so different from nearly 30 years ago. The campus had just opened one year before I left The Netherlands. It was a beautiful new campus with so much to offer from academics to sports. It appears as though ASH has only improved with so many lovely renovations that have taken place from the Reception to the Sports Hall.” - Elisha, ASH alum, Class of 1993.
“The campus may look a lot differently than 25 years ago but the same friendly vibe and hard working students and teachers are the same. It is so wonderful to see all the classes in action from core classes to the band, a TED talk in the theater and photography class. It’s so cool to see so many great things happening across the school.” - Andrew, Class of 2005.

Over the past few months, we have had so many alumni come back and visit the school. Some have come with their families, sharing their memories of their own educational experiences, some have come with friends or alone, to reconnect with former teachers and walk down memory lane. A few even came to attend our 2023 graduation ceremony, in honor of their own 30 year anniversary from graduating from ASH.

So whether you are an alum from 3 years ago or 30 years ago, we are so happy to connect with you and hear about your own ASH experience. If you would like to visit ASH, please fill out our form to schedule your visit!
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