Public Speaking + Playground = Poetry Slam

Each April, we celebrate Poetry Month. Our elementary school students marked this special date by performing poetry aloud on the playground in a Poetry Slam. Throughout the month, during visits to the library, students read and explored poems with attention to sound, form, and figurative language. They selected poems to practice performing aloud, either on stage or one-on-one with our library team. By reading poetry, students learn to pay close attention to word choice, build reading fluency and public speaking skills. But mostly, they have fun playing with language!
"Getting ready for the Poetry Slam helps you find the types of poems you like and want to create yourself." Isabell, student

"[Reading poetry] helps our reading skills get better, and helps our writing skills when we write our own poems." Ender, student

"Going on stage in the Poetry Slam makes you feel confident and comfortable in front of a crowd." Wateen, student