pARTy! An evening of art, creativity and imagination
There’s no better name than ‘pARTy’ for an evening of art, creativity and imagination. The event was organized by the ASH Arts department in celebration of artistry across the school with an art show featuring the work of students from the ECC through High School.
The evening opened with a wonderful dance performance by a student. Then, all students and accompanying parents were invited to sign up for a series of workshops, to participate in the art stations in the building or to simply explore the halls and discover the works of students. The hallways were full of color exhibiting paintings, clay, glass and wooden sculptures, and photography projects.
Throughout the evening, visiting artists offered all sorts of workshops such as collage and Japanese anime. One student said: “We’re making Anime. Kawaii means cute in Japanese - we’re obsessed with the culture. Even my cat is called Sushi. We love art in general as well”. For other people, it took them back to good memories: “We used to live in Japan, so it’s also a reason why we’re loving this workshop. It’s so great. We’re so glad they organized this!” ASH Parent.
Meanwhile, the rest of the building transformed into an atelier with stations where students and parents could try all kinds of activities aimed to inspire artistic expression and ingenuity. There was badge making, origami, creating tiny keepsake clay boxes, a creative food-plating workshop, carving a swan out of an apple, becoming a Vermeer character with a green screen and participating in a collaborative mural.
“We’re working on a photography project. We practiced on ourselves for the past weeks so we could improve the whole process. We’re doing our own interpretation of the Girl with the Pearl Earring by Vermeer. We’re part of the photography club, it’s really great. We get to do all kinds of things like working in a dark room and with Photoshop.” Luke, ASH Student.
“We’re painting a mural. I love art because it’s fun and you can create all kinds of things” ASH Student.
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