Our Class of 2022: 205 acceptances; 115 universities; 11 countries
While the Class of 2023 starts the final stage of their journey at ASH, the 128 graduates from the Class of 2022 started life at colleges and universities all over the world, or pursued other plans, such as gap-years.
David, High School Principal, said: “It was great to see students taking a year off to explore what they wanted to do after high school. Many students are taking gap-years to work, volunteer and expand their futures. I am also thrilled to see that many of our students are finding university and career options in the Netherlands. There are an abundance of options here and students are increasingly aware of the richness of what the Netherlands has to offer to their academic future.”
Pete, High School Counselor, said: "The trend continues for most graduates to pursue their tertiary education in the Netherlands because of value for money in quality programs in English. We continue to have students attend universities elsewhere in Europe, the U.K., the U.S. and Canada, as well as a few who look at other countries around the world."
Below is a list of educational institutions that accepted students from our Class of 2022:

Erin, Alumni Relations Coordinator, says "It is really inspiring to see this class come out of the pandemic years with such drive, enthusiasm and confidence. Whether its taking gap year or heading off to uni or college, we are exceedingly proud of them and the choices they have made for themselves. As our newest alumni, we hope to continue following them on their journeys through our alumni network ASHConnect, so they can share what they have learned with our future ASH graduates."

You can read more about the Class of 2022 in the High School Profile for Colleges, and more about the college preparation and college counseling at ASH here.