On Our Way to Disneyland Paris

Imagine being a student in Grade 9, your first year in high school and first time taking choir, learning how to sing in a large group and as a soloist. Or put yourself in the shoes of a senior, having played in the concert band for years and thinking that you've perfected your skills on your favorite chosen instrument. How would you then feel, being given the once in a lifetime opportunity to perform at Disneyland Paris and learn from their professionals at exclusive workshops? What would stand out as a key learning moment, to help enrich your musical educational journey? As our students and staff embark on the half day bus ride to Disneyland Paris, we asked them to share what they think are standout elements of this ASH Signature Program, as they bond, collaborate, and even practice, on their way to Disney. 

“Am I excited? Of course I’m excited, it’s Disney! We are walking into a 25 year collaboration with Disney, ASH was the first school to do these workshops with Disney so it is a very longstanding tradition.  I’m looking forward to celebrating this day tomorrow and celebrating this workshop, it’s going to be a great day.”
Jim, high school band teacher 

“This is my 5th or 6th time going to Disney. I think this experience gives the students a glimpse behind the scenes on what it means to be a performer. It addresses the facts of what it means to be a musician, a performer, the hard work that it entails and the self discipline that you need to have in order to perform. The choir coming back from the trips in the past 5 years, the choir comes back as a group. So from a social point of view its an amazing experience and then from a musical and academic point of view, they are more self disciplined and aware of the hard work that is behind singing and performing in general. It takes their performance level up three notches. The thing that really stands out is that they really learn and understand that to make it in this world, they need to work hard - that rarely anything comes for free, they need to be self motivated and disciplined to reach their goals in life. For me, the highlight is a performance as it is really really special. I dont know of any other schools or singers that age who perform at Disney. It also says something about the school and the level that we offer, as Disney doesn't accept just anyone and we have to live up to the Disney name and standards.” 
Idan, High school choir teacher

“This is my second Disney trip, I've been in the choir and went to Disey in Grade 9. This trip puts a responsibility on you to overcome your fears, you go to Disney and  you learn that wow this is real, performing music is real - it helps you learn how to manage your stress while performing. I grew from this learning experience as you learn to cope with stress better as a performer, as you are in front of a big crowd for the performance. Looking back from when I was in Grade 9,  then it was very new but now its a safe environment and I can learn much more. The highlight is for sure the rollercoasters! Overall the trip is a very unique opportunity, to go with your school and friends to a workshop and see how professional musicians work and pull together a performance. ITs cool to see. Any student that has the opportunity should take part if they have the chance.” 
Luka, Class of 2022

“Its an opportunity to learn lots of really great life skills. |I'm really excited for the workshop as we can speak with individuals who have lots of experience, and you get another perspective that is not a teacher, that is out there in the world, is a really unique opportunity. This is my first, and only time, as I wont be at ASH next year, so I'm excited to make the memories that will stay with me forever.”
Corin, Class of 2025

“You get to perform at a place that not alot of people get to perform at, we have a workshop that helps us have an idea of what it is like to be a performer. Plus we get to be with our friends. I think the highlight will be the performance. We haven't performed a lot this year, so for us its always fun to get a chance to perform. Also to be in the park!”
Adele, Class of 2025

“I think that the trip is a unique experience, that not alot of other international schools do, and its a great experience to learn from people at Disney in the workshops and to explore the park, have a bit of independence to be with your friends. I think the learning opportunity is how to work as a team, to learn to collaborate on the trip, work together with your voice parts and singing ability, knowledge of how to sing together and get to your maximum potential in a short period of time.  Working together is a great take away from the trip. The highlight will most likely be the park itself :) But I'm excited to experience all of it. “
George, Class of 2024

“I really like being with my friends. I think the experience of being given freedom, to be with our friends and also to keep to our schedule, and being trusted to not exploit it and have the responsibility, will be fun to learn from. A big highlight for me will be the park and getting to know people, having time in the hotel to bond and be with our friends. The social aspect is also something very special.” 
Sophia, Class of 2024, 

“I've been in choir since 8th grade and this is my second trip to Disney (in 9th grade). For me, the learning experience is how to perform in a professional setting. We have extravaganza, but performing to a crowd of strangers that we don't know makes a very interesting learning experience. The responsibility aspect is a big learning opportunity, as we have a lot of freedom to be with our friends, to find the balance between being students, learning in the workshops and having fun with our friends. Having the trust between us and the teachers is really nice. The park will be a big highlight, as I'm excited to go back to see how it's changed since the last time we have been there.” 
Camilla, Class of 2023

“Im in the JAKK Choir and this will be my second trip to Disney; I also went on the Grade 9 trip. It’s cool that we get to see actual Disney professionals, they are so confident and can give really great tips. I think that the workshop is the biggest learning opportunity, with the professionals who know how to perform is a very very valuable experience. This is my first school trip since COVID so I feel like I havet gotten to know a lot of people in a close way, so I'm excited for that.” 
Rut, Class of 2023