MS Project Week: Conquering challenges and making memories

Middle School Project Week is not just a week of trips to amusement parks, to the beach, to a museum park, and much more. Students also spent the past week conquering challenges and making memories. 

Ms. Beth, principal
“Project Week’s goals include building relationships, breaking down personal barriers, conquering challenges and taking risks safely with friends and self. Great personal growth happens on this trip and the memories, friendships (new and old), and self-discovery will support and extend how our community grows and learns together for the rest of the year.”

Candela, student
“Project Week has been really nice because the weather has been really good these days. My favorite experience was on the first day, when we did water activities together.”

Michele, student
“We went to Fun Forest and there was an obstacle course in the middle of the trees. After that, there was a zipline and I ended up stuck 14 feet high! I had to pull myself back up and it was definitely a learning experience! I feel proud of myself.”

Alette, teacher
“Project Week is a great opportunity for students to connect with their peers outside of school and engage in activities that challenge and motivate them. Students took part in various activities that seemed daunting at first glance, but their determination, willingness to take risks and collaboration with classmates resulted in positive learning experiences. Throughout the school year, students will be able to draw on their Project experiences and apply these useful skills, both inside and outside the classroom.”



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