Ms. Jennifer - Being Well, Being Creative

Meet Ms. Jennifer, our middle school art teacher since 2016. Ms. Jennifer originally hails from South Carolina but has lived overseas longer than she has lived in North America. She studied English and Art as an undergraduate and went on to get two master’s degrees-one in Art Education and one in School Counseling. 

“The school supports professional development and continued learning opportunities - we are a life-long learning school.”

What does the #ASHexperience mean to you?
I really like how the ASH community values learning. As educators, we learn with our students, with our colleagues and with our community. The school supports professional development and continued learning opportunities - we are a life-long learning school. I also enjoy taking part as a supervisor for the Middle School Student Ambassador program where current students welcome and help new students transition to a new school and a new environment. ASH does a great job welcoming new members of our community.

What is a special memory you have of your time at ASH?
I’ve loved being a part of the creation of our annual p-ART-y where the goal is for the community to celebrate creativity together. During the evening we work along with practicing artists and designers, engage in activities led by students, share our creations and enjoy a cultural fashion show designed and produced by the high school students (D.J. included).

What do wellbeing and happiness look like to you?
I was on the DASH team and we have talked often about wellbeing this year with our Visible Wellbeing program. Dr. Lea Waters, founder of Visible Wellbeing created a thoughtful definition of wellbeing that we have discussed with our 6th graders which is: “a resource that you can draw upon to thrive in the good times and to bounce back from the bad times”. I’d also say that creating a positive environment around ourselves also adds to our wellbeing.

If you could give our students at ASH one piece of advice what would it be?
I’d say to be patient with others - we don’t know what kind of day others are having. Learn something new everyday. Laugh. Don’t take yourself too seriously. Eat good food. Be kind. These could all be bumper stickers. In fact, be sure to find positive bumper stickers or better yet, positive bike stickers.

We have a diverse community of students, staff, and families from around the world. Each member of our community brings their own story that enriches the ASH experience.