Ms. Christopher - Middle School Librarian

We are grateful to have a diverse community of students, staff and families from around the world. Each member of our community brings their own background and story that enrich the ASH experience. Our ASH Voices series zooms in on our community as we learn more about who we are in our roles at ASH and life outside of school.

Today’s profile features Ms. Christopher, our middle school librarian, who is currently in her 24th year here at ASH. We asked her some questions about her life at ASH and how she has been adapting throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

What does the #ASHexperience mean to you?

My grandfather was a teacher; my father was a teacher; two of my aunts and one uncle were teachers. I took two of my father’s classes in high school, and the students and staff around us filled our stories and lives. I became a teacher. In my first class at ASH, in 1997, I discovered that one of my students had once lived in the same Colorado town as my grandparents and used to cut through their backyard to get to the community pool behind their house. That student became friends (to this day) with my daughter, who, a few years later, was also a student in my class. Over the years many others at ASH have filled our stories and lives. The #ASHexperience to me was, and still is, welcoming and familiar.

What are your passions? Either in your work at the school or outside of work?

I am passionate about all that is beautiful and true, and I am passionate about all that is not. I love adventure, stories, music, and laughter. I am passionate about the natural world around me wherever I travel, and I greatly enjoy the company and memories of many of the people whom I have been fortunate enough to meet along the way.

How has this year impacted you and what are the lessons you have learned that you will be taking forward in your work at ASH?

Raised to respect the lessons of history and to pay attention to applications to the present and future, for many years it seemed clear that troubling times were coming, and it was my hope that trusting the cycles of history would help me to navigate them smoothly. And yet, as the pandemic escalated and climate change continued to wreak havoc, I experienced moments of doubt. History can only teach so much. Personal experience teaches, too. Looking back, I clearly see that the kind company of others helped lift my moments of doubt, helped me to be grounded and focused, positive and optimistic, qualities suited for work in education. I hope to be able to carry this understanding, these community experiences of my own, forward in my future work at ASH. There is much that we all can learn from these times, and I hope that many ASH alumni will use their own lessons learned this year in quests to make the future world a better place.

If you could give our students at ASH one piece of advice what would it be?

Follow your heart’s path carrying gratitude with you on the journey. 

If you weren't working at ASH, what would you be doing?

I would be a glamorous Hollywood movie star.



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