Ms. Brady - Elementary School Special Education Teacher

At ASH, we are grateful to have such a diverse community of students, families and staff from all around the world. Each member of our community brings their own background and story to make up the diversity of cultures and experiences we are lucky to learn from and which contribute to the #ASHexperience. In our ASH Voices series we are speaking with and learning more about these members of our community, including their passions both in their roles here at ASH and in their life outside of school, what it means to them to be a part of this community, and much more.

Today’s profile features Ms. Brady, one of our elementary school special education classroom teachers. Ms. Brady graduated from Fordham University in 2012 with a dual Master's degree in general and special education. Following graduation, she began teaching within various schools in New York City's Department of Education. In 2014, Ms. Brady moved to the Netherlands to join her partner and she began working at ASH in 2015. 

We spoke with Ms. Brady about the #ASHexperience, her passions in teaching and advice she would like to share with all ASH students…

“Over the past 5 years the #ASHexperience for me has been focused around continuing inclusion within the elementary school. I am dedicated and passionate about the Special Education program offered at ASH and finding the best ways to maximize inclusion within our community. Over the past several months while working from home I have learned, along with my students, how to continue to be flexible in our thinking and finding meaningful ways to engage and integrate technology into every lesson. One piece of advice I would give to our ASH students is to always hold on to the little things that make you smile.”