Mr. R - Elementary School PE Teacher

We are grateful to have a diverse community of students, staff and families from around the world. Each member of our community brings their own background and story that enrich the ASH experience. Our ASH Voices series zooms in on our community as we learn more about who we are in our roles at ASH and life outside of school.

Today’s profile features Mr. R, one of our elementary school physical education (PE) teachers. Born in Spain, he received his Bachelor’s degree as a PE Teacher from the Castilla-La Mancha University, and his Master’s in Physical Condition and Health from the University of Leon, both in Spain. Following his studies, Mr. R worked in a high security prison, coordinating the sports activities there for two years. He then decided to travel and found a job as an entertainer working for different hotels in Tenerife, Menorca and Ibiza. During this time, Mr. R met many people from different parts of the world and this inspired him to travel and live further afield. He first went to Scotland, then England and on to the Dominican Republic. After a couple of years, Mr. R decided to move back to Spain and start his teaching career. He worked in Madrid for three years in a bilingual school, and then in Las Vegas (U.S.A) for another three years. From there, Mr. R moved to the Netherlands and began working at ASH. 

We asked Mr. R questions about his life at ASH and how he has been adapting throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

How long have you been at ASH and what does the #ASHexperience mean to you?
I have been at ASH for 11 years. It is an amazing experience working in such a special international environment. I feel like I am living in a perfect world in the future, where the color of skin or nationality does not make a difference, because we are all equals.
What are your passions?
My passions are to practice any kind of sport or physical activity, and to travel. I am trying to combine both and to look for physical challenges during my trips. 

How have the last several months impacted you and what are the lessons you have learned that you will be taking forward in your work here at ASH?
This year we needed to adapt to a new way of life that we have not experienced before. And it has been amazing how everyone in the ASH community (school staff, parents and students) has been working together to make the best of it and move forward. Not only to come back to the same life we had before, but to improve it and make it better.  

If you could give our students at ASH one piece of advice what would it be?
Sometimes my young students get nervous because they want to win during competition activities. I tell them that to be a winner participating in these types of games, they have to feel they have done 3 things:

- Try their best.     - Enjoy playing.     - Sympathize for the other team.

If you weren't working at ASH, what would you be doing?
I would like to work organizing beach activities and sports for adults and kids in different parts of the world. Warm weather, beach and sports. That sounds good to me!