Middle School Celebrates Winter with Color House
Before going on break, the Middle School students celebrated the start of winter with a full day of enrichment activities and games. This was the first Middle School-wide assembly since the pandemic in 2019, and the students were able to choose and discover a wide range of activities together.
There were 24 Enrichment Cluster activities to choose from among which were Japanese, table tennis, trivia, puppet-making, debate, bracelet-making, and a nature walk. Some students took the initiative to facilitate some of the activities themselves such as basketball, running, cooking, card-making and design & build challenges. The High School students weren’t left behind. After finishing their finals, some joined in the fun and helped run the escape rooms.
"I really liked Tell Your Story. I feel like it helped me come up with a bunch of new ideas for books. I was really happy to see other writers there.", Maria R, Grade 7, about the writing workshop called "Tell Your Story", led by one of the MS Language Arts teachers.
"Very good. It helps to collaborate as a team and make more friends." Daniel, Grade 6, 'Escape Room"
"I think it was fun learning about a different language and how to communicate and write using it." Akshit, Grade 8, Japanese.