Meet Moss: "If I'm not enjoying something in the moment, something is not right"
We had a conversation with Grade 12 student Moss about their path towards, and after graduation. Moss is a student with many interests, and a desire to explore them all. In this interview, they share what their life after high school could look like, and how they have gotten to create this picture for themselves. Let us tell you now, it is based on passion, and enjoyment for life.
What are you looking at doing after graduation?
One of the programs I’m looking at for when I graduate is Forestry in Vancouver Island. It’s more of a practical, hands-on program where you learn all kinds of things - from mechanical engineering, to self-defense, to salmon migration…salmon is big in Canada. You basically graduate to be able to work as a forest ranger in British Columbia parks, and then you can go on to do a Bachelor's in Resource Management. I’ve always lived in big industrial cities so whenever we go back to Canada we’d also go hiking and camping, and I really fell in love with that so I wanted to do something with that.
But I also want to do hair-cutting. I found a queer, alternative hair-dressing salon where they have a one year academy. I really like that they specialize in creativity and self-expression with color and non-traditional hair cuts. I love hair. I also want to be a tattoo artist, and I really like the bass guitar too.
I’m also into fashion - I make a lot of my own clothes too. I’m really interested in very different things. I don't want to do one thing in my life. I want to try out all of my interests - I don't want to have one career.
What classes are you enjoying at the moment?
I take a lot of creative classes at ASH. I take independent design - I made a skeleton cardigan. Im taking Art part three which is really like a self-run class of what we want to learn. I’m taking Food Technology too. In Art, I’m interested in still life but also in graphic design.
I’m loving all my classes. I’m not taking math - I finished my credits and that’s it. I just know that it’s not in my future to focus on it so I’d rather spend more time doing classes that I know will add to who I want to become in the future. I just want to enjoy my life!
Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
I see myself doing something in the Netherlands, somewhere in Amsterdam. I see myself living in a van with my cat somewhere in Europe. I had an idea of a sustainable punk shop - I love making my own patches.
Is there anyone at ASH who has made your time here particularly special?
My best friend Isabelle, they’re a really wonderful person, and a very talented musician. Ms Semkin - she’s the greatest teacher I’ve had. Any question you had, she would explain it to you as many times as you’d like. Ms. Laskowski too. There was a huge learning curve in that class, but she’s a super positive person.
What rules do you live by?
If I’m not enjoying something at the moment, then something is not going right. I have to start living my life today!
Not long after this interview, we received the news that Moss got accepted for an internship at a well-known and respected hairdressing studio and academy.