Marching Towards Sustainability

In an interdisciplinary unit centered around Earth's systems and environmental justice, students reflected on how their actions can trigger a domino effect that may lead to a negative impact on nature. They participated in an inquiry investigation that involved generating questions, gathering background knowledge, researching and synthesizing. 

Then, they demonstrate their understanding by creating their own domino effect models that help teach others about the possible consequences of everyday actions. To conclude the project, the entire grade 5 marched silently in promotion of sustainability in our community.

“Anyone can be a climate activist. I thought climate change was irreversible, but now I understand we are the cause, but we are also the solution. SUstainability is recycling, using clean energy, and spreading the word to others.” - Federico, student

“The greenhouse effect was always so confusing to me. After my research, I know that climate change is our responsibility and it desperately needs fixing. The atmosphere is getting thicker which is trapping too much heat in our planet.” - Caroline, student

“I used to think the cause of climate change was the big factories and that it was easy to get rid of global warming. Now I think that almost everything we do has an effect on climate change and we need to be more responsible.” - Mattias, student