Little Shop of Horrors Musical Production

Little Shop Of Horrors, the charmingly tongue-in-cheek comedy and one of the longest-running off-broadway shows, came to the ASH stage! While ASH students were in charge of the choreography, set production, lighting, sound, videography, and projection, our staff led the artistic, music and design direction. Check out to see more!

“I’m working on new things, like with the stage crew and props, which is something I have briefly touched on before but never really in depth. So it is really interesting to be able to work with these different areas of tech theater on one show.” - Nate, Tech Manager

“It is a lot of fun to listen to and to play this musical. It is usually quite fun to see everything come together and start to rehearse with the cast there and see it all set up. - Catarina, Band member

“I am also really excited for the finale dance, because that’s my favourite choreo. We have a lot of responsibilities, which is fun, because then you’re really proud of your work.” - Anouchka, Choreographer