Lina - Advocate for Clean Water and Sanitation

Lina and her classmates learned about the 17 Social Development Goals of the United Nations in their social studies classes. Then, their language teacher challenged them to deepen their knowledge on a specific goal that they could relate to, and campaign for actions towards the accomplishment of that goal. 
Lina's research was about SDG #6 (Clean Water and Sanitation). Not only was her argument compelling, but she is also already working on establishing a relationship with an organization that delivers clean water to poverty-stricken areas in Rwanda that otherwise would not have any access.
When asked about her motivation to campaign for this goal, she shared that it is personal: “I used to live in Rwanda. There are a lot of people there who don't have access to clean water and sanitation – it is the reality you see. It’s crazy to me how many people don't have access to clean water in the world and how here, we have and use so much water. Sometimes I think of how I can easily pour myself a cup of water and other people don’t have that privilege.” 
Lina urges our community to take simple actions towards this goal. “Turning off the tap when you’re not using it, not wasting clean water, supporting companies that give people access to water… are things that everyone can do. 
Below is an excerpt from Lina’s speech.
Did you know that 785 million people today remain without basic drinking water services? Several people die every day from dehydration and water scarcity. SDG 6 is one of the most important as it ensures clean water and sanitation for all. We need your help to achieve this goal by 2030 or sooner. Women and girls are responsible for water collection in 80% of the households without access to water. This affects education and income. 
You probably have a faucet in your house. When you’re thirsty, you walk to the sink and pour yourself some water. You probably take this for granted. For most people, if they are lucky enough to even have access to water, it is still hard to get.
I used to live in Rwanda and many kids there had to walk a mile to get to a river and get water. The water they collect is not even guaranteed clean and they could go through all that trouble and still get sick from drinking dirty water. But there is still hope.
You would be surprised by how big of a difference these little things can make. Think of everyone out there who still doesn’t have access to clean water. You, me, your friends and family, all need to continue making the world a better place – starting with SDG 6, Clean Water and Sanitation. 
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