Leiden is our Classroom

Last week, our grade 9 students experienced Leiden as they explored various locations and museums throughout the city, making real-world connections to content studied this year at both the local and global level depending on the different components of the day. Students visited three musea (Volkenkunde Museum, Museum De Lakenhal, Molenmuseum de Valk), the Burcht and Pieterskerk, and strolled around the city looking for poetry on walls. 

“We are exploring interesting places in Leiden that we learned about in our World Civilization course. Being here, in person complements learning in class. It’s interesting to learn new things about the culture here.” - Christophe, student

“In my group, we’re all Dutch, so it is about our culture. It’s important to learn about these places and revisit our history and heritage.” - Marko, student

“Our reflection booklet has all kinds of questions linking what you see with what you learned. You get more information when you’re actually here learning. I really like history so this was really fun.” - Quinten, student