Learning That Matters: ASH Scores High in IB & AP
ASH is the only school in the Netherlands that offers the Advanced Placement Program, in addition to the International Baccalaureate Program and high school-level courses. ASH students elect to study the IB Diploma Programme or construct a personalized program from a combination of IB, AP and ASH courses around their interests and passions. All students who graduate from ASH earn an American High School Diploma.
Mila, Student “I feel 100% supported in navigating through my options for life after graduation. This has been the easiest transition into a school I have ever experienced. Students, teachers, and counselors are really supportive.

Year after year, our students continue to excel and these outstanding scores are a testament to their commitment and our faculty dedication across all subject areas at ASH.

Vaibhav, Student “I chose to take the IB curriculum because it offers me many opportunities, which is important to me. I know that I want to pursue a career in Technology, but if I change my mind, I believe the curriculum will help me recognize my talents.

Elizabeth, Counselor “Our programs open up doors to universities around the world. Our role as counselors is to help students find the best fit and the best options for themselves. At ASH, this means in-depth course selection. We’re here to guide students in making these decisions.

Mr. Mike, IB & AP Coordinator “The recently published AP results show that we had the highest percentage of ASH students scoring 3 or more out of 5 in our school’s recent history. A special shout out to our Global Geography and Calculus AB students whose average was significantly higher than the global average.

Mr. Peter, Counselor “For us, it can be challenging offering both programs, as it requires a lot of organization of schedules, personnel, and facilities. But we are so happy to provide students with options to allow them to find the best path for themselves. I am always proud of the students for their hard work and performance!