Learning By Exploring Locally

A group of grade 6 students led an initiative to deepen their knowledge about World War II by cycling about 25 kilometers around Wassenaar and The Hague to find historical sites. They visited the homes and stumbling stones of some holocaust victims; they cycled to the launch site of the first V-2 rocket to England; they toured the Oranjehotel, a prison where 25,000+ Jews were confined; and they saw the Waalsdorpervlakte monument, which marks the location where 250+ members of the Dutch Resistance were executed.
“To me, it was interesting to see how they lived and how much restriction they had in their routine. For example, I don’t understand why they would be prohibited to look out the window. ” - Illya, student
“Now that I’m here, I wonder what it looked like in 1944 and how did the V-2 Rocket travel that far.” - Leela, student
“The fact that they still had the cell intact was disturbing, but it was interesting and sad to see how they lived in the Oranjehotel.” - Riley, student