Understanding your STRENGTHS

Our middle school Creative Wellbeing Group meets twice a week during lunch to reflect on their happiness journeys. Our teachers introduced them to the STRENGTHS framework, after having participated in a school-wide training with Dr. Lea Waters on Visible Well-being. Students were so interested, that they started working on videos to bring awareness about strengths. Check our Youtube account to see all videos.
“By knowing your strengths, you are able to feel more comfortable with yourself. This week’s strength is Social Intelligence. You might know if you have this as a strength if you are comfortable to be yourself in a lot of situations, like volleyball court, science class, playground or different friendship groups.” - Paige, student
“Self-regulation is managing your emotions so that your motions aren’t affected by them. An example of managing your emotions would be to take a few deep breaths.” - Avery, student
“Hope is expecting the best and brightest future for yourself. You’re just thinking about how you could be successful or to really do well on a test. Also, hope can be a major strength because if you’re having a really bad time, having hope, just thinking about the best future, it can change your perspective.” - Taz, student