Juggling and unicycles: Building strong bonds
“It was a comfortable place to try something new”
High School starts off each year with an adventure Referred to as Field Day, every grade embarks on a field trip to build stronger connections and bonds with teachers and classmates, old and new.
This year, Grade 9 traveled to 2Sur5, a center for experience, discovery centered on two pillars: cooperation and personal development. Quite a mouthful, but in essence it revolves around two pillars: cooperation and personal development. for a range of team-building activities, like crawling through tunnels and mud runs - a great way to break the ice as they form their new advisory groups. Grade 10 went to Poldersport, where they attempted to cross a 15 meter-wide polder ditch by either climbing, swinging, or jumping…all while trying to stay dry. In the wonderful beach of Katwijk, Grade 11 attended the Surf School, where they were free to choose surfing lessons in the ocean or try out different activities like beach volleyball or beach hockey - a sandy version of the Netherlands’ beloved field hockey tradition.
The soon-to-be graduating class of 2024 traveled to The Hague to a circus school. They tried all kinds of circus skills and arts by rotating around 12 stations with guidance from professional circus art performers. From trapeze. juggling, and acrobatics, to plate spinning, diabolo, and slack lining, it was an afternoon filled with many surprises.
Exposing students to new and challenging activities turned out to be a bonding and connecting experience. “It was interesting to see the students realize things about each other they didn’t know before. Like if one student suddenly turned out to juggle quite well, their friends’ surprised reactions were nice to see”. Melissa & Nicolas, ASH teachers.
“Placing students - especially a mix of current and new students - was a great way to break the ice between them. It was great to see the transformation of some students…some students were a little more in the background at the start, but you’d slowly see them ease into themselves and into the group”. - Nic, ASH Teacher.
High School Counselor Mr. Loy was also present on this trip taking photographs. This was his final High School Field Day as he approaches retirement after 27 years at ASH.. When asked what he feels at this moment, he answered: “ I’m enjoying every day. It’s amazing to see everyone having a good time. It’s why we do what we do.”