Josephine - Devoted to Making History in Ballet

“I started doing dance when I was 2 years old. When I was younger, my mom took me to see Swan Lake and that is where it all started. I said that I wanted to be a real dancer. My mom definitely believed me.” - Josephine, student

From a young age, Josephine took dance lessons - at first, just a couple of times per week. Then, she joined an academy that “was quite tough, but also fun because we did performances and stuff”. Then, for the past years, she has been juggling school and dance flawlessly. “It is quite challenging sometimes with work and projects. The school has been supportive and my teachers help me follow the activities even when I leave early or arrive late because of ballet, because this is my passion.” 

Recently, Josephine and her family decided to take a new step in her ballet career - to audition to the dance school in the Opera de Paris, one of the most prestigious ballet academies in the world, in which education and ballet training are combined. “From the thousands who auditioned, I was one of the 14 chosen. It’s exciting that I’m the very first Dutch person to join. Every dancer dreams of going there.” 

Josephine has been part of the ASH community for 4 years now. When reflecting about her time here, she was quick to say how she will miss her teachers and friends. “The teachers are super kind and the classes are fun and exciting. The program is great - I love how classes change every year and I especially like advisory and flex time because these are the moments I feel most comfortable.” 

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