Ms. Meșe - After School Activities Coordinator

Imagine you are a student again, spending your days constantly growing and flexing your mind to gain new knowledge, pushing the boundaries of what you know, and on top of that, exhibiting a great deal of flexibility to learn during a global pandemic. If this was your reality, what types of co-curricular activities would you gravitate towards - what would bring you joy while challenging your brain in different ways? These are the questions Ece Meșe, our new After School Activities Coordinator, has been asking herself since the beginning of the school year. 

Ece and the work she is doing with our ASH co-curriculars is a prime example of how we can continue to innovate and strive for improvement, whilst also facing the realities of restricted opportunities due to COVID-19. Ece brings to ASH an impressive background in the creative industry from project management to event planning. She knows not only how to be innovative, but how to be flexible and make decisions based on the changing needs of a demographic...or in this case, a student body!

Using these valuable skills, she has developed a vision for the future of the co-curricular program at ASH. In her own words, she describes this vision... “We want to have a high-quality and innovative program for our students where we can support them in any way we can and stimulate them to take control of their own learning in a safe and healthy environment. We want to provide a wide selection of activities that address the needs and curiosity of our students while opening for them new doors that prepare them to the changing conditions of life. We want our students to have fun and be supported, but also, we want them to discover new possibilities, be ready to go out of their comfort zones, gain new skills, and be aware of what is happening outside of their immediate surroundings. We already have a great program at ASH, and we hope to take it one step further."

Many of the existing after-school activities have had to drastically alter the way they organize and support students in achieving their goals. For example, our well known and loved high school musical relies heavily on the help of our amazing parent volunteers each year. However, with parents currently not being on campus, the program leaders and students have shown great resilience and teamwork, blazing on full-speed ahead. 

Other activities currently on offer include Cooking for a Cause where our high school students cook and serve meals to the homeless once a month. For middle school students, drama and arts clubs are on offer, among many other choices. And our youngest learners can join the arts or maker clubs to express themselves creatively and experience hands-on engineering once a week. 

When asked about her experience so far at ASH and what she has experienced within the existing co-curriculars program, Ece had this to share; “As you know the majority of activities are run by our amazing ASH teachers and staff. The selflessness of teachers and staff, their hard work have been the greatest inspiration for me at ASH since day one. One of the best parts of being in the school after class hours is that I can witness the creative and fun processes that appear in these activities.”

For an overview of the co-curriculars currently on offer, visit our Co-Curriculars page on the Parent Portal. There, we will also post new activities as they become available, including announcements and  information about how to get your child(ren) signed up. So please visit that page often! And a big thank you to Ece and the teachers and staff who keep our programs running.  



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We are determined to create a school where everyone is confident and able to take control of their own learning, and the world is our classroom.