In Memoriam: Karen Coster, Staff Alumni
It is with a heavy heart that we share the passing of Karen Coster, former ES Dutch teacher, who worked at ASH from 1963-1970; 1974-1997. Karen was a passionate educator, keen historian and writer, and an active, local ASH Alumni. Karen's knowledge of the school and area history was so valuable that she was an active freelance writer after retiring from her teaching career at ASH. Karen was a true Ambassador of ASH and the values that we hold dear in our community, holding the gift to make anyone she spoke with feel special and remembered in every conversation.
Karen's family and loved ones paid tribute to her memory in a small ceremony that was also made virtual for friends and family across the globe who wished to send their condolences, as well as recorded for those who could not attend. Karen's story was interwoven into the lives of so many and into the history of our school; you can help keep her memory and story alive by sharing your tribute to her below. Rest in peace Karen, you will be forever loved and never forgotten.

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