IB and AP Outcomes
Recently, ASH published the High School Profile, an annually updated resource created to support college applications. Last week, we put the spotlight on the college destinations of our graduated class of 2022, and this week we turn to another area covered by this report: the excellent academic outcomes of last year's senior class.
International Baccalaureate (IB)
The International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma at American School of The Hague is a rigorous pre-university program of study leading to the award of a diploma based on a combination of internal and external assessments and examinations. It is designed as a comprehensive curriculum made up of 6 subject areas and 3 core components that prepare the student for university acceptance throughout the world, as well as for advanced standing at many universities in North America.
Pete, high school counselor said: “With a 100% pass rate again this year, with scores that were oftentimes well above the world average, the ASH class of 2022 International Baccalaureate Diploma candidates continued to excel in their studies.”
Our high school principal David also highlighted the fact that these students achieved so much during the pandemic pressure: “The IB journey for many of our graduating class of 2022 was a challenge to say the least. They did incredibly well with all of the obstacles that occured during their last 3 years of high school. To have a 100% pass rate shows their perseverance and commitment to the holistic approach to learning in the IB ecosystem.”
Advanced Placement (AP)
ASH is the only school in the Netherlands that offers the AP Program. The Advanced Placement (AP) Program at American School of The Hague is a modular program that gives students an opportunity to take college-level courses and exams while they are still in high school. Successful completion of AP courses provides students with the opportunity to earn credit and/or advanced placement in many universities. ASH offers as many as 16 AP courses depending upon enrollment.
Pete: “Again this year, the ASH class of 2022 Advanced Placement candidates continued to excel in their studies with scores that were oftentimes above the world average.”
David: “Our student results were excellent considering students endured many obstacles over the past 3 years. We are seeing more and more students take advantage of the AP course offerings at ASH as they continue to give students access to highly competitive Dutch and European university options. This is the true richness of the ASH course offerings that lead to doors opening to the future.”
To have a look at our High School profile for colleges, that includes the above mentioned scores, please click here.