High School Student Designs and Builds Game Table
High School student Griffin is on his way to obtain an Eagle Scout within the Boys Scouts of America. The step before reaching this meaningful achievement is to complete a service project; Griffin’s project now lives on the High School courtyard.
With support from his father and other members from BSA, Griffin created a game table available for use to anyone in our community. Made with reclaimed wood, Griffin and his troop took care of the entire process - from the design, to sanding every piece of wood, to painting each of the checkerboards.
Feeling proud and satisfied with the final result, we asked him if design and building is something he’d like to do in the future. He said: “It’s something I could do, but I enjoy doing theater more. I'm in the next school play, The Trials. I’d always hoped to be able to have such a big theater and performing arts department to be in - and now I have it at ASH”.