High School Experiences the Local Farm

Our high school food technology students paid a visit to the local farm, Den Hollander, for an experiential learning visit. They learned all about the routine on the farm, caring for the animals, storing the milk correctly, and managing the cafe. This field trip was part of a unit on bacteria, foodborne illnesses, and food safety. Later, students made cheese and butter, which led to a super delicious Grilled Cheese War!

“We’ve been making butter and we learn how fresh milk goes into pasteurization to kill the bacteria. What we couldn’t make at school, we saw here. I think that the fact that Den Hollander could get fresh milk to the factories which is sold in supermarkets is really cool… Our hosts were super informative. They are sharing their passion with the community.” - Dan, student

“It was cool that you could buy their products. It’s “farm-to-table” at its best. At school, we mostly used store-bought milk to produce butter and cheese. Here, we actually got to see the process of milk being extracted. It is pretty cool because, here at Den Hollander, they want to educate other people. It is cool that they care that much about educating people.” - Eunhyuk, student

“I really enjoyed coming to the farm. It was better than I thought it was going to be because I learned a lot today. I hope to come back at some point.” - Eliot, student