Grade 7 Aims for Zero Hunger

Our grade 7 students teamed up with Together International (TI), a global NGO, to raise awareness about food poverty, and to collect donations for the International Food Bank, which benefits many families, including some residing in our neighborhood of Wassenaar. 

TO volunteers shared research-based information on the increasing numbers of hunger worldwide and students created strategies for their awareness campaign and collected donations for 4 days. Over 30 boxes of non-perishable food, donated by families across ASH, were sent to those in need.

“Inviting the school community to take action brings an added component to this donation campaign, as the experience provides solidarity values through a joint effort aimed at relief aid: each person donates a little, which creates a big impact.” - Ms. Gail, teacher

“People know the problem, but don’t know how to act upon it. Every year, my family and I donate tons of stuff to a food drive. It is also near my birthday so it is special to me, because it is also about giving back.” - Esme, student

“I think it is important that we involve the kids in ECC because if they see a positive impact from this, it can follow them for the rest of their lives and encourage them to do more helpful things in the future.” - Alexander, student