Food Truck Face-Off: Design and Cooking Combined

Our Middle School students planned, designed, and developed business proposals for a Food Truck Face-off! In this quarter-long cross-curricular collaboration between Home Economics and EdTech, students were in charge of everything, from design to cooking.

This collaboration emphasizes our design cycle process. Students considered a unique food truck business proposal and defined their audience. In EdTech, students used Photoshop to design the company’s name, logo, menu, and marketing slogan. They also prototyped in cardboard the interior (including appliances, utensils, and serving materials) and exterior (including logo, slogan, and menu) of the food truck. In Home Economics, after having decided on their cuisine and menu, students outlined the cost of the ingredients, calculated the price of the sold items, and cooked three recipes. 

“The Food Truck Face-off is inquiry in a nutshell. With this project, they learn entrepreneurial skills to help them start a food-based business, aspects of which can transfer to other types of businesses. This project also touches on design, planning, marketing, sourcing products, cooking, and evaluating the success of their efforts.  Students are driven by their passions and interests to create something fun and meaningful to share with others.” - Ms. Michelle, teacher

“This project helped me learn more about time management and it will be helpful when I go to High School and college. It felt like I was in one of those cooking shows because we had the clock running and had to cook the dishes for our food truck in a specific amount of time.” - Joseph, student

“Cooking was easier than what I thought it would be. It was my first time trying to make something and it actually kind of worked out! It was challenging to pay attention to details, like what kind of pan to use. I think in the future I am going to be less terrified to cook.” - Ishaan, student

“The design cycle can be applied to all subject areas and really is the blueprint for creating and finding solutions at ASH. Cross-curricular collaborations are key in showing students how subject areas are interconnected outside of a single designated class. Just like in real life.” - Mr. Troy, teacher



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