Ecem - The Japan-Admiring Biochemist

I have been at ASH for fourteen years, and throughout my time here, I have always felt welcome and encouraged to explore my interests. From starting my own club as a sophomore, to playing the leading role in a musical, I have been able to develop my leadership and collaboration skills while building stronger relationships with my classmates and teachers. I'm truly going to miss the supportive environment here at ASH, one where students are intrinsically motivated to share, lead, and contribute to the wider community. 
In order to take full advantage of the breadth of subjects offered at ASH, I am pursuing a full IB Diploma as well as taking some additional AP courses. I will either attend university in the UK or the United States. I have already received offers from the University of St. Andrews and King's College London to study a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry. If I choose to study in America, I will likely double major in Biochemistry and Japanese. It would be amazing to live and conduct research in Japan one day - it's the center for advancements in technology, including biotechnology, and I'm also drawn to Japanese fashion, pop culture, and language!
I am planning to defer my enrollment for a year to gain more scientific research experience and continue building my professional network. If all goes according to plan, in a year from now, I will be staying with one of my closest friends in Australia and pursuing an internship at a local university.
After high school, I'm mostly looking forward to kick-starting my career in scientific research. I dream of becoming a biochemistry/genetics research scientist, working at the molecular level to unlock the mysteries of the organisms on our planet. My goal is to eventually earn a Ph.D and connect with fellow science lovers through publishing academic papers and sharing my research at conferences. I am looking forward to continuing to learn and explore all of my passions, from opera singing to creating pixel art.

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